Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A trip to Skokholm on the Trinity House Tug

clip_image006The opportunity of a quick visit to Skokholm arose as the Lighthouse crew were being delivered to the Island to decommission present light and to install the beacon that is to replace it. Steve, his friend Allan (interested in the engines in the lighthouse) and I set off from Milford in this rather heavy but comfortable Tug. We navigated in and out of the sluices of Milford Dock and after an hour’s journey arrived in South Haven. Landing was by tender, easy enough to get on to but getting off on to the Island was more of a challenge as the landing covered in green algae, was very slippery indeed, I crawled.
We made our way to the lighthouse and had a good look around. An imposing building but surprisingly small inside.
Later we walked back to the Wheelhouse to examine the buildings for winter storm damage. clip_image010
North pond was full of water quite a change from the last time I saw it entirely dry in October last year.
The wheelhouse was in good shape, but for the large amount of mouse droppings in the pantry.
The cottage was sound as a bell. No damp and a lovely smell of dry winter cottage. I would have been happy to stay the night without heating. One of the windows had been blown off otherwise no damage.The only problem was the loss of some 10 roofing sheets that got blown about in the wind. Our work done, we spent a relaxed hour watching the lighthouse crew work hard. Can you spot Steve eating his second lunch?

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