Monday, 23 April 2012

Update on the first two work parties on Skokholm


31st March to the 14th April

Hello Friends

Here are the pictures showing some of the work done on Skokholm. The work on the cottage is progressing at a breathless pace. We arrived in brilliant sunshine and biting northerly winds.

We were immediately put to the task of getting the inside of the cottage ready by the end of April. No mean task as the floor in the common room had to be taken up and re laid. I had no idea what work this involved. It is only when I saw the ‘men’ volunteers gardening that it began to dawn.

The floor was dug up and some 6 tons of soil were carted out by bucket. Trenches and piers were laid and constructed to receive the new suspended floor. From the pictures it mays seem only Sam and Steve did any work. This was not so. Floor painting was taken over by the women. The others were busy constructing partitions, painting rooms and building the new furniture for the kitchen. As well as turning the cottage roof into a Zebra.



The partition in Gunners, a work of art


The ringing room perfectly decorated


New kitchen units and kettles


Special effects in concrete wash

This week the third week of work parties with a new team.

Much has been achieved as well. The furniture has arrived in the common room. A temporary roof has been fixed over the garage. The roofers were unable to get across to the Island due to weather. The pantry has been repainted from top to bottom and ...

The cottage now has lighting put in by our very own team of electricians. Photos to come later some to be seen on the Skokholm Blog. As always the workparty weeks have gone quickly.

Our last team went on this Saturday. Much hard work and a lot of fun was had usual. Lots of good food was eaten cooked by our fabulous in house cooks. Achievements are just amazing.

The Island looks stunning seabirds returning on the ledges and Puffins in Crab Bay

We are so grateful to all of you who take part, contribute and are and interested in the Islands.

More to come in a week or two.


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Exciting news from ancient Skomer!

We were lucky enough to have Oliver speak at this year's annual reunion. Amazing to think of people living (and surviving) on the islands, when we struggle to survive there for a few months at a time!

Click this link for the full story from the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales: Heritage of Wales News: Geophysical Survey On Skomer Reveals Buried Archae...