Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Last Spring 2012 Skokholm Work-party

Hello all,

A few pictures and update from the last work-party this spring. On Monday the Island is open to visitors. The cottage looks beautiful white and pristine. Thanks to Dyfed James for the wonderful photos, especially for managing to catch the white of the cottage against a rare blue sky!

Work-party Phyl and Dorothy Blatcher, Wendy and Dyfed James, Carol Collins, Annie and Bob Haycock, aided and abetted by Jerry and Will put the finishing touches to the cottage and kitchen and pantry. 

The common room looks fabulous
 New furniture and pictures as well as warm fire
The four bedrooms in the cottage; Stewards, Carpenter and Gunner and the Smoke room as well as Ringing Room are ready to receive visitors  .

Ringing Room
These 4 weeks of work parties have again demonstrated how much can be achieved with willing and motivated workers. The weather has been incredibly varied with sunshine, storms and heavy rain. See Jerry’s video on TheSkokholm blog. We managed to get everyone on  and off pretty much as planned thanks to Dale Sailing and their team. Kenny is smiling after his holiday in the sun. Jerry our lovely warden has pitched in with enthusiasm and good humour. Will our long term volunteer has taken part with gusto in this episode of ‘Carry on Skokholm’. A big thank you to all of you.

The puffins are waiting for you all to visit and enjoy the Island.


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