Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Another nice ringing control

Although we have caught and ringed relatively few birds on Skokholm in the last two years there have been some great controls and this latest one is no exception.  Fairly few ringed Willow Warblers  are ever seen again so to have our third control is a pretty good percentage.

This one was ringed on Cape Clear off southern Ireland on 23rd June 2011 as a recently fledged youngster and may have been raised on the island or on the mainland nearby.  We re-caught it on Skokholm as part of a group of passage birds on 11th April weighing a good 9.7 grams.  At a guess it was well on its way back to southern Ireland having been well down into Africa for the winter.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sponsor Day on Skokholm a success

In brilliant sunshine and with favourable winds [not all that  easy to organise]  some 40 sponsors and volunteer helpers made it on to Skokholm for the day. The trip  was organised by Steve Sucliffe and the Wildlife  Trust to thank all those who have in the last year given in, materials time and cash  to the renovation project.
Most helpers are involved in the delivery of materials and rarely get the opportunity to set  foot on the Island.


Our sponsors Valero, South Hook LNG, Zenith Interiors, Towy Works and the Friends of the National Park joined us to see for themselves the use we have made of their donations and materials.

One important sponsor, John Reynolds from Dale Sailing was not able to be with us . The provision of transport of materials and of people for the entire duration of the project has been a most generous and crucially important contribution to the project. Without this level of help and the flexibility offered by John and his team [we can  organise the deliveries at short notice when people and the weather permit]  this  project would be  much more costly and almost impossible to organise.

After a look around the buildings and a guided walk  everyone  gathered for a short tea and cake  break on the lawn before departing again.

A farewell wave from the  the boat in a joyful picture taken from an adventurous angle by Anna Sutcliffe.

I hope lots of people fell in love with sparkling and sunny Skokholm and  will return in the future.


Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Lighthouse engines leave the Island

The Lighthouse  engines sit on the jetty waiting to be taken off. No longer in functioning order the engines took up most of the  lower floor of the lighthouse and needed to be removed. The Cleddau King arrives riding backwards to take the engines off the Island. 

Will our longterm Volunteer is ready to helpSoon the engines are on their way on to the boat 

All on board ready to go The Cleddau King leaves the Island a bit lower down in the water all engines on board. 

Will watches as the boat leaves,  job done. 

Monday, 9 July 2012

Some Lovely Images

A recent visitor to Skokholm has just put some of his stunning pictures on his web site and is very happy to share them with all islanders.

Look at his web site :-   http://www.mowforth.co.uk/blog/blog03.html

Well worth a visit.  I have never seen any action shots as good as the Herring Gull v. Puffin.

Enjoy - and please submit your thoughts and memories and pictures to the blog too.