Saturday, 12 January 2013

Media frenzy over new Wardens

Lyndsey Maiden at the Wildlife Trust has been wrangling national media at all hours of the day and has got some great coverage of the arrival of Richard and Giselle. They seem to be putting in the hours already, though island staff are used to working 24/7 I suppose. Quite a hectic start for them both!

Their appearance on today's 'Saturday Live' can be enjoyed here:

And thanks to Mike Penny, you can view their appearance on BBC Breakfast here:

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

New Wardens on BBC Breakfast

Hello Friends

Just to let you know our new Skokholm Wardens, Richard and Giselle,  will be featuring on
Breakfast TV on BBC1 Thursday 10th of January 
 don't miss this their first live interview 

They have started work today with a bang and lots of media interest in their story. A very photogenic young couple going to live on an Island ! The papers imagine they will be all alone, we hope they will have lots of visitors. Human and animal

Remember there are a few places left for the reunion book now before it is too late 
check the  programme on the Blog  below.