Saturday, 12 January 2013

Media frenzy over new Wardens

Lyndsey Maiden at the Wildlife Trust has been wrangling national media at all hours of the day and has got some great coverage of the arrival of Richard and Giselle. They seem to be putting in the hours already, though island staff are used to working 24/7 I suppose. Quite a hectic start for them both!

Their appearance on today's 'Saturday Live' can be enjoyed here:

And thanks to Mike Penny, you can view their appearance on BBC Breakfast here:

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  1. he he - it certainly has been wrangling - we are due some more as well.. will keep you updated on how it progresses but I think Richard and Giselle have been the stars of the whole thing, they have taken it in their stride and done an absolutely superb job. Well done them!