Saturday, 28 December 2013

Catered Insect Course in May 2014

Have a look at the Skokholm blog - Richard and Giselle have just posted details of a new course on the island in early May.  A fantastic time to visit and this time to learn something about a little studied group - the insects. Book soon.
Hope to see you all in February too.

Monday, 9 December 2013

The Annual Reunion meeting - now in its 22nd year and already with nearly 70 people booked and a number of regulars still to put their names down.

So please do book as soon as possible as its a great programme and a great time to meet island people.  Full details were posted on the blog in November and should have also arrived with the recent excellent newsletter. 

Skoholm and Skomer 2013

We would love to get some feedback from any Friends who visited either Skokholm or Skomer in 2013 and would love to put some of your comments on the blog if we can - anonymously if you wish!

Anecdotally we get some very helpful comments from people who have visited the islands but no one has actually written down anything. The Friends have regular meetings with Trust senior staff, so we are well placed to make your views, suggestions and comments known to the people who make decisions so please please do help us to do this. Please send your comments to the chairperson Renate Thome at the link below as soon as possible as we have meetings planned for early in the New Year.

Skokholm 2014

The bookings for 2013 were really good - the best for over 20 years.  We know there was some fantastic publicity for the island in 2013 and that almost certainly made a difference but the bookings for  May and June 2014 are slow Can you help us to try and make a difference and to help us to discuss any issues you have with the Wildlife Trust.

In particular we supported the view that weeklong stays in May and June would be a good idea as the wardens are very busy in this period. The twice-weekly landings, plus shearwater and storm petrel night walks, which make the visitor experience so special, put a lot of time pressure on the wardens.  This commitment coupled with the normal wildlife monitoring so important to the Island makes for intense pressures on their time.  It seems though that the week long visits are not well supported and we would like to know why:-

Tell us what you think.
Do you :

only want to stay three or four nights

find the change over days Monday to Monday difficult

would prefer a Friday to Friday change over

find the cost of staying a week too high

think a week stay is too long for you

any other reasons we have not thought about  

any comments and views would be welcomed - for example
it would be good to know if you plan to return - about 50% of people used to visit every year and we wonder if that annual fix is not part of your thinking anymore - which might influence how we help to support the island marketing in the future.

 Tell us :

 if you would book online if that facility was available

if there are any issues which you think the island managers really need to address

Please send all your comments and thoughts, however positive or negative, to as soon as possible.  We will do a presentation at the Friends meeting if we get an adequate response.
Lucy Griffiths and her boyfriend Chris have produced three fabulous new childrens books based on our islands.

Lucy was brought up in Marloes and a few years ago ran Lockley lodge for a summer season but is now a lecturer in media studies in Swansea University.  They spent some time on both Skomer and Skokholm in 2013 and have produced these new books ready for Christmas and next season.  They really are extremely sweet and very well produced and I think a potentially best seller.

Lucy and Chris have been incredibly inventive and funde the whole publication through "Crowd Funding" - look at for more information.

I have totally failed to upload the really lovely images from the book covers but PLEASE do have a look.  You can buy them just in  time for Christmas direct from