Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Wardens are back!

Yesterday after a bit of a delay at Neyland the Skokholm Wardens were re-installed on the island after a fairly epic boat trip and an even more epic landing on an extremely slippery jetty.

It was almost dark when we got to the island and very dark by the time Richard and Giselle got everything up to the Observatory although we took quite a lot back to Neyland when the sea got too rough to hang around longer. they have started their daily blog already (go to and will update this virtually every day through the season.

The damage on the island after the incredible winter storms seems to be minimal although there is guttering scattered around, rather than on, the buildings.  It must say something for the recent refurbishment works if it all survived some of the fiercest and prolonged winter storms this last 100 years.

The Skomer wardens, Ed and Bee, are hoping to get back onto the island later this week once their boat is repaired and no doubt will post something on the Skomer blog when they return.  Ed has recently posted some graphic details of the huge seabird wreck which is mainly centred in the Bay of Biscay but has also seen a few hundred dead birds in Pembrokeshire.  We already know that Skomer birds have been affected - nearly 15,000 dead puffins counted 10 days ago included three Skomer birds carrying geolocators (from just 20 birds fitted with them) so we are hoping the overall population is not too badly affected. 
Watch for more information on this.

Monday, 3 March 2014

New book published

"Skokholm Erratics" by John Lewis

This new book by Friends co-founder John Lewis tells of the island's history from the ice age until the present day. Illustrated with over ninety illustrations and photographs, mostly in colour. Group photographs of work parties and island scenes.

150 pages paperback.

Price £12.99 plus £1.50 P&P

Available from the author at:-
Copse Green,
Elmstone Hardwicke, 

GL51 9TB

Sunday, 2 March 2014

A bit of help on Skomer

The wardens on Skomer are looking for some keen volunteers to help with some pre season maintenance on the buildings in the last week of March.  At the moment there is still no news about the condition of the buildings after the incredible storms this winter/spring but Ed & Bee expect to get out to the island in the coming week.

Anyone who can help can they please get in touch directly with the wardens on :- or try a phone call on 07971 114302