Thursday, 10 April 2014

About the islands and rats!

During the winter there was quite a lot of discussion about the risks of accidentally introducing rats and other animals to the islands and the enormous subsequent costs which would be incurred to eradicate them quite apart from the potential damage they could do to our seabird colonies. We have been lucky perhaps to date so a bit of care in the future will help to maintain the predator free status.
The Wildlife Trust has developed a package of actions designed to minimise the potential threats and one of these is specific to overnight guests but should also be observed by anyone visiting the islands.  They are very simple so PLEASE observe them when visiting:-
All food items, and preferably all bags, must be packed and sealed on the mainland before transportation to the islands.  You will be asked by Lockley Lodge staff to confirm this and may be asked to re-pack items which are in open carrier bags - just avoid Tesco's immediately before your visit!!
 Putting food into sealed and roped boxes will help a lot as it makes them easy to handle as well as bio secure.
Enjoy your visits this year - the seabirds are just about back now and its warming up now.