Monday, 3 November 2014

A Letter from the Marsh Christian Trust

Dear Members

The Marsh award for Local Ornithology

we would like to offer you our warmest congratulations on winning the Marsh Award for Local Ornithology.

Your contributions to ornithology are exceptional and have been recognised by the judging panel as outstanding.  therefore we have pleasure in enclosing a cheque in the sum of £1,000 to spend in any way you desire.

We enjoy discovering more anbout the dedicated work and invaluable contributions that our Award winners have made and would be delighted to hear from you in the future.

With best wishes

Brian Marsh OBE

We are discussing how to use the money to best effect and given the current archive project considering a number of options including an annual photographic competition of activities on the island (rather than pics of birds!) which may then also be part of the historic archive in the future.  More on this later.


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