Thursday, 1 October 2015

Skokholm photographs on the web

In the last year or so a number of keen people have been digitising images from old photo albums from the island (although we have failed to find any pre 1981) and from other sources and have started to download them onto the People's Collection in the National Library of Wales.

This link should take you directly to the Skokholm pages  :- and you can then search for specifics like "renovations" or decades like "1930's" and look at the pictures and the descriptions.  There are a couple of mistakes which will be edited out soon and some descriptions to enlarge on a bit but all in all its a an excellent start with over 400 pictures now loaded and more almost every day at the moment.

Please have a look and consider your own pictures.  We are particularly short of stuff from the 1950's to the 1970's (all pre digitsation) but have received some really nice collections from the late 1940's including video, and from the early 1950's including from a lighthouse keeper. 

Keep logging in an looking at the pictures - they will change a lot over the coming months to develop into one of the largest collections on this National Archive web site where they will be preserved for the future.

This is just an example of the lighthouse supplies being transported on the railway - a 1948 picture

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