Thursday, 2 March 2017

Biosecurity Update

The Wildlife Trust has asked us to publicise the Biosecurity measures for visits to Skokholm and Skomer again - a sort of annual reminder before the visiting season starts.

Its quite simple - PLEASE make sure that all your bags and boxes are securely packed before you set out for the islands and that everything is well sealed so that rodents cannot possibly gain access before you arrive at Martin Haven  or indeed if you leave your bags and boxes on the rocks or beach for even a few moments.

We appreciate that the risk is quite small but the consequences of a (possible pregnant) rat gaining access to the islands is HUGE.  If you notice someone's baggage is not secure please ask them to check it before they set out as otherwise they could be asked to empty it on the boat or when they get to the island.

Thanks to all who take this responsibility seriously - it is a serious issue.